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Bill protecting vintage vehicles

To protect and promote the country’s cultural and historical assets, Deputy Speaker Wes Gatchalian is pushing for the passage of a measure regulating the use and registration of vintage automobiles and other historical, classic or collector motor vehicles.

In House Bill 8244 or the Vintage Vehicle Act, Gatchalian said vintage vehicles should be considered as part of our country’s historical and cultural heritage. The said vintage vehicles are considered as national treasures.

“I believe we are just custodians for the next generation that’s why we need to promote, protect and preserve these vintage vehicles,” said Gatchalian, who is an avid vintage car restorer.

“They have not only passed the test of time but also serve as testimonial to the ingenuity, artistry and skills of their mechanics and builders as well as of dedication and passion of their owners,” he added.

In a hearing held on January 20, the Manila Sportscar Club, the Land Transportation Office, the PNP’s Highway Patrol Group have already expressed support for the passage of the said bill.

The bill seeks to create the Vintage Vehicle Registration and Assessment Office (VVRAO), an office under the LTO, that shall oversee the administration and implementation of this proposal.

Under the bill, vehicles that can register and benefit should be 30 years old from the date of manufacture and whose chassis, engine, steering, and suspension are either original or authentic and whose body has not been altered in general appearance. Other incentives include exemption from the Clean Air Act, anti-pollution tests, safety and road-use, and other standards that were not in force at the time of the manufacture of these vintage cars. In addition, they will exhibit special license plates bearing the words Vintage Vehicle to identify their distinct class. (Vina de Guzman)